Sunday, 25 November 2007

In the beginning there was lager

I have to be honest and say until speaking to The Knifeman I hadn't ever considered writing a blog. Id thought about a book but the idea of sitting down and thinking about how I would go about it and what I would actually say is rather daunting. I think Ive got a useful tale to tell, not so much from a purely entertainment value but as a matter of fact and hopefully transparent account of the horrors I have been through.

I also want to mention those who watched me descend into a pit of suicidal despair and those who stood up and helped me drag myself away from an early grave. Ive got no idea how to structure this and a lot of what I write may or may not be actually true, but it will be factual from my perspective.

I have a lot of demons still burning in my soul despite 5 years of complete sobriety and this is one way that I can perhaps help deal with those. It wont be completely self centered and there are some amusing, if not a little embarrassing anecdotes to share.

I will dedicate this blog to the person who saved me, they know who they are and no matter what the future holds for either of us I will be forever indebted.

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DrShroom said...

Welcome aboard fatty! I thnik you'll find this therapeutic; hope so anyway. I'll blogroll you if you don't mind?
Big love etc